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anti cavity lollipops

Dr. Teri Barichello DMD

Thoughts on Cavibloc

“Given that 79% of kids today are going to have a cavity, an effective way to remove the bacteria that causes cavities has been long overdue. I can’t imagine the impact this will have on the long term health of children everywhere.”

best cavity fighting lollipops & Candy

Dr. Jason Hirsch DMD, MPH, PDO

Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics

“I've used the first version of your lollipops and not only were my patients treated correctly but my practice was highly profitable, during the height of the recession. I'm glad to see that you are going the correct route. Young children are innocent to the etiology of this disease.”

anti cavity candy

Dr. Dr. Maxwell H. Anderson DDS, MS, Med

Thoughts on Cavibloc

“Does the herbal formula added to these lollipops effectively treat the major cause of cavities?

The answer is yes, these cavity fighting lollipops, when used as suggested and in combination with regular dental visits can prevent the pain, expense and health problems brought on by cavities and tooth decay.”

Natural anticavity lollipops

Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, DDS

Wellness Dental Care

“I have been recommending and selling the original version of the cavity-fighting lollipops since 2007 and have made it a chief preventive habit for all my patients. I think they are an excellent product and always a cornerstone of my holistic practice.”

cavity fighting lollipops

Dr. William Ten Pas DMD

Thoughts on Cavibloc

“The natural compound found in these lollipops attacks the bacteria that causes cavities. Outside of regular trips to the dentist, these cavity-fighting lollipops are one of the most effective ways to protect your teeth from decay.  Best of all, they have a great taste kids and adults will love.”